Membership Plans for Employers / Small Business

Experience better healthcare for less with Hope Family Medicine.

As a business owner you can provide an accessible, affordable, personal health care option for your employees.

Offering Direct Primary Care to your employees increases the quality of healthcare they receive, all with no copays or deductibles to meet. A stark contrast to traditional high-deductible health insurance, Direct Primary Care provides real value and savings to your business.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based healthcare plan where the PATIENT (or in this case, the employer) contracts DIRECTLY with the PROVIDER!

With Direct Primary Care, annual physicals, follow-up visits, sick visits, urgent care visits and general healthcare maintenance questions are covered under one monthly affordable investment.

The DPC model allows our provider to spend more time with our patients, which translates to better healthcare overall.

Hope Family Medicine Business Plans are Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant.

Hope Family Medicine Offers:

Coverage for 80-90% of your employee’s healthcare needs, minimizing the need for ER visits, hospitalizations, unnecessary medications, and “sick care.”

No co-pays or long wait times, in a convenient location, with telemedicine appointments available.
Unrushed, relaxed visits with your provider who gets to know you and your overall health.
Holistic health approach of the whole person, instead of treating symptoms with unnecessary medications/procedures.
Shared decision making and informed consent as you work with your provider on your health goals.

Why Choose Hope Family Medicine For Your Business Healthcare Plan?

Our employer healthcare plans replace traditional high priced health insurance plans and instead, deliver extreme savings while providing top notch health care.

Customizable to your business’s size and budget.
Allows you to provide healthcare coverage to your employees at a fraction of the price of traditional health insurance.
The impact of DPC expands into the strength of your team. Employees who utilize DPC services spend less time away from work and are more productive.
Because of the superior experience with Hope Family Medicine, our plans will become a recruitment and retention tool for your business.

How It Works


As an employee benefit, you pay one affordable monthly fee per employee.

Your employees receive all-inclusive healthcare and all the benefits of membership at Hope Family Medicine, with no copays or deductibles to meet.

You enjoy the benefits your business sees from greater savings on employee healthcare.

Your employees are happier, healthier, % more productive due to their well-rounded healthcare with direct access to their DPC provider whenever needed.




PER MONTH (per employee)

Additional Family Members:

Spouse: $50/month

Children 18 & under: $10/month/child

Ready to invest in the best healthcare for your workforce and benefit from the financial savings?